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Fast WordPress Hosting

These are all things that make our WordPress hosting fast, and will boost your site.

  • All Aussie servers. US servers are about 0.3 seconds from Aussie users, which multiplies with all the round trips to get assets. Clustered across Sydney and Melbourne.
  • faster php. We use HHVM, used by facebook to run … facebook. Which runs wordpress 2x-3x times faster than standard php.
  • memory caching cluster. Using memcached and McRouter used by facebook also
  • cloudflare CDN. This caches static assets, like images/css/js
  • CDN is in Sydney also
  • We are peered on local Aussie networks also, which reduces the network hops to the end user
  • cloudflare railgun, this opimtizes dynamic pages, and delivers them faster to the end user
  • mod_pagespeed, by google. This redesigns webpages in realtime
    • the aim is to draw the web page faster on the target browser
    • mod_pagespeed opimtizes differently for each browser
    • it inlines assets, like image/css/js, so there is less http requests
    • it optimizes images, based on the requesting browser, so they are smaller and faster
    • it sets a caching timeout of 1 year on all modified assets, and includes a md5sum so they expire. This works great with cloudflare, as cloudflare caches more aggressively.
    • it does some css/js combining/minifying, to reduce http requests
  • SSD storage, so if something does hit disk, it’s as fast as it can be
  • clustered everything, so multiple servers are running your website, and sharing the load
  • load balancers, to share the load of 1 website across multiple servers.
  • clustered database servers
  • large amounts of CPU and memory for your server (see our specs page)
  • optimized settings for w3 total cache. We automatically apply those settings.
  • we use redis cache for WordPress objectcache

The main take-away from this, is we’ve engineered lots of tech for this to run fast. And you get all this for your site, the instant you move over to www.wpdone.com.au – without any changes to your site.

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