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Netregistry wordpress site disaster

I am helping a net registry customer with hacked wordpress

The cpanel account has been banned twice in 2 days. And they force you to answer an email to the admin.

I found out they have 5 days of backup on cpanel accounts. So after 5 days they delete your backups. So if it takes you 6 days to find you’ve been hacked – you can’t even recover a backup.

What’s more, while the account is blocked they won’t even recover your data. They won’t roll back the account to an older backup, or give your hacked data/website back. It is just lost.

The pdf on their site says its 14 days of backups, but a techo in a chat session, said it was 5 for cpanel accounts.

So from what I can see, if you’re hacked whilst at netregistry, you basically just get deleted. There isn’t any real backups at all.


By on January 12th, 2016

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