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Secure WordPress Hosting

These are all things that go into our secure WordPress hosting, that will protect your WordPress website.

  • Cloudflare is the first level of defense. Cloudflare offers a firewall, DDoS defencse, and WAF (web application firewall)
  • Then we have a juniper hardware firewall. Hardware firewalls are an important measure to stop large scale attacks on web servers.
  • The we have software firewall. A little similar to the hardware firewall, but it is programmable.
  • mod_security is next. It checks each click, and looks for hacking patterns.
  • Then we look at patterns over time. These patterns, and triggers from mod security are blocked on a software firewall and uploaded to a cloudflare blocklist.
  • The web server is run on a read-only file system, so no changes can be made, even if we execute a hack it can’t make changes. Mose hacks rely on modifying php files, or uploading php files. Our readonly filesystem makes this impossible. We believe this is unique to our hosting.
  • Each component, web server, sql server, mod security, are all run in their own security container – so a hack can’t spread.
  • We have 2 factor authentication to log into wp-admin. We use two levels of passwords to make wp-admin more secure.

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