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How to add Google Analytics stats and reports free for your WordPress website

This is mostly for less experienced WordPress folk. For WordPress site owners that are a bit new. By installing the following WordPress plugin, it will send tracking information about your web site visitors to google analytics. Then google analytics can give you back some nice graphs about your visitors. You can view these graphs on […]

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Try our WordPress plugin to check how fast your WordPress website and hosting is

Our WordPress plugin will help you keep track of your website performance. It’s difficult to know how well your website is delivering its content to your users. Checking the site your self doesn’t work too well, because of caching. Even if you clear your cache the test is a little artificial. And how about how […]

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Practical Small Business wordpress website security precautions

WordPress is very popular, and small business love the flexibility and features. Here is why wordpress is risky for small business  it takes years to gain the experience and skills required to actively defend a wordpress website. Now what small business owner wants to put the time and effort into learning wordpress ? blah small business […]

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