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WPdone now has 1 click cpanel account transfer without whm root access

I think we’re a first in doing this.

We’ve written a self service cpanel plugin, that can transfer a cpanel account from another host with 1 click.

Previously you’d have to have whm root access to transfer accounts. With this plugin, you can pull a cpanel account from a web host into our staging environment in a matter of minutes.

screenshot- 2083 2016-02-26 05-12-26

You simple enter the source/previous whm/cpanel host name, and your password. (I know, we need to make a nicer looking form).

screenshot- 2083 2016-02-29 21-10-06


The plug in contacts your current server, and finds the most recent full backup.

It then downloads the backup over ftp. The download goes directly between the 2 servers involved, and not down to your PC. Given both servers have high speed internet, it’s pretty fast.

It then restores your entire cpanel account. Including all settings and files. It includes the WordPress database, and WordPress website. It includes email, dns settings, etc.

By on February 29th, 2016

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